Ukrainian media reveal how Ukrainian migrant workers deceived in Europe

13.08.2018, Moscow.

The Obozrevatel news magazine revealed a scheme by which criminals deceive Ukrainians aspiring to find a job in Western Europe, RIA Novosti reports on August 11.

Ukrainian citizens who go to Europe in search of money without having valid papers to work in the EU or ones who try to find jobs in Western Europe (Germany, Norway, Finland) using Polish work visa fall into the hands of fraudulent facilitators.

While addressing to such facilitators, the migrant workers risk to find themselves in labor camps, they are treated as slaves kept in miserable conditions, and deprived of documents and telephones. The criminals threaten everyone who try to complain to the authorities or to escape with death.

The magazine tells the story of a Ukrainian citizen Oksana, who was lured in Poland with promise of employment at $1000 per month. In fact, she went to a labor camp, where, according to her, they were fed garbage. Following her successful escape, a facilitator on social media threatened to kill her children. Unfortunately, she could not provide the Polish authorities with the exact location of the camp.

On August 7, the leader of the Ukrainian political party Batkivshchna Yulia Tymoshenko claimed on her Facebook page that Ukrainian migrant workers were exactly the force that keeps the national economy afloat. According to the National Bank of Ukraine, since the beginning of the year, migrant laborers have contributed 4.5 billion dollars to the country’s budget.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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