Syrian refugees begin to return to their homeland from Lebanon

20.07.2018, Damascus.

150 Syrian refugees returned to homes in the city of Qara in Rif Dimashq province, Malin Alhatal, mayor of the locality announced, Interfax news agency reports on July 20.

Liberation of the area from the militants allowed Syrian refugees to begin returning to their homes. According to the mayor of Qara, where 20,000 people lived before the war, local authorities are currently preparing to host and accommodate additional 1.5 thousand refugees.

150 local residents returned to Qara from Lebanon recently. We organized humanitarian aid, doctors, transport and greeted our fellow countrymen right on the border. Many of them had children born in Lebanon, and those were children ‘of no country’. We issued necessary documents and now they are officially citizens of Syria,” said the local authority.

In Syria, Russia has set up a center to help Syrian refugees come back to their homeland. The center will host refugees and help accommodate them. The center will engage in assistance and be supplying the refugees with humanitarian aid, basic necessities and building materials.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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