Italian Interior Minister: Ukraine had a pseudo revolution

20.07.2018, Rome.

The events in Ukraine in 2014 was a pseudo-revolution financed from abroad, Matteo Salvini said, Italy’s prime minister and minister of the interior, in an interview, TASS reports on July 20.

The Italian politician expressed his view on the change of power in Kiev after a question of The Washington Post journalist about Russia’s ”right to annex Crimea” and the statement about ”a fake referendum”.

”Compare  it [the referendum in Crimea] to the fake revolution in Ukraine, which was in a pseudo revolution funded by foreign powers”, the politician said.

Salvini underlined that in the course of the referendum 90 per cent of the population voted for the reunification of the peninsula with Russia. He added that there are “some historically Russian zones” that “legitimately belong to the Russian Federation”.

The Minister noted that Crimea is one of those zones where typically Russian traditions and culture are found.

Matteo Salvini is a convinced supporter of building constructive relations with Russia, he constantly advocates for the cancellation of the anti-Russian sanctions. The prime minister also characterised Putin as a number one politician. Earlier he claimed that the Italian economy loses 7 million euros a day because of the sanctions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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