DPR decides to restore forests affected by war

07.07.2018, Donetsk.

The decision to create a permanent forest seed stock was adopted by the DPR State Committee on Forestry and Hunting, informs Donetsk News Agency on July 7.

The president of the Committee, Alexey Shebalkov, commented on the necessity of a forest seed stock creation, “The State Committee on Forestry and Hunting’s adoption of the decision to create a permanent forest seed base is motivated by the need to form our own reserve of seeds with valuable hereditary properties and high sowing qualities. To that end, the Republic’s foresters have begun to examine the high-quality plots of forest with “positive” forest stands.”

The most high-quality plants will become the objects of the seed stock, which will be meant to provide DPR forests with seeds. It is planed to establish 5 such centers as per the number of the forestry establishments in the Republic.

“The creation of our own seeds reserves will help to implement the program of restoration in the shortest term of over 1000 hectares of the Republic’s forests affected in the course of military actions”, said Alexey Shebalkov. Work on the seed stock creation will be carried out in cooperation with the Donetsk botanical garden specialists.

A forest seed stock represents the natural or cultivated forest stands characterized by valuable hereditary properties and intended for seed procurement. The creation of a seed stock includes the following procedures: the examination and evaluation of trees’ hereditary properties, the arrangement of temporary plots for forest seeds and the formation of permanent forest plots.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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