UN: Anti-Russian sanctions hit European Union

04.07.2018, Washington.

Mr. Idriss Jazairy, the UN Special Rapporteur, spoke out about the impact of anti-Russian sanctions on the EU economy, RIA Novosti reports on July 4.

The UN Special Rapporteur noted that Russia had adapted to the sanctions and even benefited from them by having increased the production of goods, which it used to import from the EU countries. In this regard, European companies lost the opportunity to sell their production in Russian markets. Nobody has compensated for their losses. Jazairy lamented that the sanctions had been imposed for political reasons and the implications on European and world markets had not been considered.

Anti-Russian sanctions were applied following the accusations of Russia’s interference in Ukrainian affairs and the reunification with Crimea. In response, Russia also imposed sanctions against the U.S. and its European associates.

Editorial comment

Any war implies imposing unacceptably high costs to an enemy with a view to force him to capitulate. At the same time, an attacker also has to pay costs, which will be compensated in the winning case at the loser’s expense.

The policy of sanctions towards Russia has already been in effect for 4 years and this period showed that despite all the complaints of many parties in the Europeans countries the sanctions were not lifted, but were, on the contrary, enhanced. Unfortunately, many people in Russia are still waiting that a détente will happen in relations between Russia and the West. Such ungrounded hopes are bound to demobilise people and weaken their will to resist foreign pressure.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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