Media: China assesses potential of continued trade war against USA

01.06.2018, Moscow.

The Chinese expert community is considering response options after the US government announced further “restrictive measures” on Tuesday. The PRC’s position and a compilation of expert opinions have been published in the China Daily Chinese newspaper, TASS reports.

In view of the resumed threats by the US administration, the Chinese government and expert community believe that they must prepare to the continuation of the trade war. The newspaper cites two officials from different Chinese international economic structures.

“We must prepare for all possible contingencies to deal with the Trump administration’s capricious acts,” Mei Xinyu, researcher at the International Trade and Economic Cooperation Institute, explained.

On Tuesday, May 29, the White House Press Service announced further restrictions on Chinese goods and investments. On May 20, however, the US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said that the trade war between China and the USA was completely over. This statement revived the markets and the stock exchange. The trade peace lasted 9 days. The American side justifies its actions by the need to implement the memorandum on countering China’s economic aggression of March 22, 2018, signed by Donald Trump.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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