Shelling of Gorlovka: children in basements and wounded

21.05.2018, Gorlovka.

The Ukrainian army shelled the Komsomolsky and Kurganka residential areas in the suburb of Gorlovka on May 21, reports.

One of the shells hit the entrance of a residential building, inflicting fragment wounds to a local resident.

According to local residents’ reports in social media, in the Kurganka residential area parents were asked not to bring their children to school. Also, most of the children in Gorlovka did not come to kindergarten. Children who had come to the schools and kindergartens walked down to the basements.

Ukrainian militants have been intensely shelling Gorlovka over the last two weeks.

The shelling last week killed four people and inflicted fragment wounds of varying severity to another 15.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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