Happy Victory Day!

09.05.2018, Donetsk.

This year we celebrate the Holiday of the Great Victory Day – May 9th – for the 73rd time. Three quarters of a century had passed – the life of an entire generation.

Great Patriotic War keeps moving further away from us into the depths of history, there are less and less participants of this war among us, but memory of the great deed of the Soviet people, who had crushed the army of Europe  in the bloody struggle of the first half of the last century, is alive in our hearts

The perished heroes are still in the same ranks with us because the war against fascism is not over. It will not be over until “the belly from which the foul beast sprang” is eradicated. Instead of the German head of the  fascist hydra severed 73 years ago new ones rise before our eyes, and one of them is the Bandera-Ukrainian one, the one not scorched to the end, which our ancestors had to encounter in 1940s-1950s.  Finishing off this revived corpse is what warriors of Donetsk and Lugansk republics have to do now.

We must defeat the yellow and blue, and the red and black evil because we do not have the right to devalue the deed of our ancestors, who saved the world from the brown plague!

Happy Holiday, comrades! Happy Victory Day!

Source: Essence of Time unit in Donbass

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