Ukrainian army shells LPR seven times

26.04.2018, Lugansk.

LPR Defence Ministry informed on the violation of ceasefire by Ukrainian army on April 26th, Lugansk Information Center reports.

According to the Ministry’s report, the Lugansk People Republic was attacked seven times over the past day.

The shelling was conducted against towns of Kalinovo, Kalinovka, and villages of Loginovo and Nizhnee Lozovoye.

They were shelled with anti-tank grenade launchers, 82mm and 120mm mortars as well as firearms.

According to the documents of Minsk agreements, “ceasefire” on South-East of Ukraine was supposed to come in legal power starting from 18:00 of September 5th, 2014. Despite Kiev’s reassurances of their compliance with Minsk agreements, their systematic violation takes place, which is time after time proved by LPR and DPR.

Also on April 26 Donetsk News Agency reported that Ukrainian military shelled the town of Dokuchaevsk, killing two civilians.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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