Lenin gave Easter back to people

24.04.2018, Moscow.

Lenin gave Easter back to the people, an Orthodox woman said in a conversation with a Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent on April 22.

My grandmother was illiterate. My grandfather was able to read only because he was “fortunate” to become a stutterer in infancy. This was considered a great deficiency in his village and instead of being sent to work like all other children, he was sent to school for correction. By the way, it helped. This was before the Revolution. And my father, their son, became an engineer and was able to build spaceships with thousands of people like him.

Thats what Lenin is!

Look at how many people became heroes during the Great Patriotic War.  The Bolsheviks proved that selfless devotion to others is the only natural state of any human. To me, an Orthodox, Lenin is the person who gave Easter, the real Easter, back to the people. If we renounce it in favor of the Golden Calf, which now consumes our children, then there is nothing to blame neither Stalin nor Lenin or God Almighty for.

“Opium for the masses”

What else can be done for a society where it is impossible not to sin, except for palliative care? Under capitalism, it is not possible not to sin. Mandatory bank cards, in fact, are a simple example. Bank will earn at least a little interest while processing the transaction of your salary. Have you ever wondered where does this the profit from this go? Not to work or not to be officially on the staff? Then who is going to support those who are unable to support themselves, even if they are not your relatives? So if you don’t try to cure the society in a radical way, on a scale of the state, then only an anaesthetic can help.

On repressions

My grandfather was a private [in the White Army during the Russian Civil War translator’s note] of General Kornilov, and Kornilov dragged him, among the others, into his shady business. The Red Army simply disarmed them and let them go. My grandmother never worked on a collective farm and was never subject to repressions for that. At the same time, the issue of the peasants under the tsar was dealt through the “Stolypin’s necktie”, or hanging, in other words. Deportation of those who are unwanted is also a deeply pre-Bolshevik tradition, only before the Bolsheviks people were deported to “nowhere.”

So, first of all it is important to understand who’s got which principle and to differentiate the principle from sabotaging this principle.

On the present and the future

We turned to the Golden Calf shortly after the war. Nobody wants to remember the oppression of the ordinary people during Khrushchev‘s times such as the liquidation of artels and much more. This is because then you’d have to admit worshipping to the Golden Calf.

Lenin’s works were part of the school curriculum until the end of the USSR. However, how could the whole country take their notes of Lenin, and not understand what is going on? The apostle Paul wrote about this: “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing”

It’s time to return to the road towards the narrow gates. We must remember how to dare to dream of the great, and learn this from Lenin.

April 22 is Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. Rossa Primavera News Agency had asked citizens of Russia what the communist past of the country means to them.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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