Kurginyan: The world became place of utmost arbitrariness

24.04.2018, Moscow.

The joint West’s behavior is an escape from the reality, the leader of the Essence of Time social movement Sergey Kurginyan said on April 21 on air of the Right to Know TV program on TVC channel.

Sergey Kurginyan commented on Great Britain’s statements about the allegedly existing Russia’s special unit that organized attempt on the life of the Skripals: “What intelligence agencies know how to do is how to kill. They kill anywhere using anything, and in a completely conceived way. It could be a heart attack or anything else. Having all this (intelligence agencies’ experience – Rossa Primavera News Agency comment), all this circus with unknown chemical agents and everything else could be organized only by people who want to be detected. […]. Everyone understands that”.

In a reply to the program’s host Dmitry Kulikov remark that all of the world understands that accusations against Russia in the Skripals case are false, and yet the world insists on its version, Sergey Kurginyan has pointed out that this, in fact, the West’s escape from reality.

 “This perception of growing fictitious nature of everything that goes on, the growing world’s illusory quality, emerging capabilities to pass an imitation off as the reality. I think that it is the scariest part of all. This is a global process, he explained.

As another example of West escaping reality, the political scientist pointed out the accusation of Syria of conducting a chemical weapons attack. Syria is a party having the least benefits of a chemical weapons use on its territory, yet, the suspicion falls on Syria, Kurginyan explained. The leader of the Essence of Time movement confirmed that the OCPW refusal to meet witnesses of the allegedly conducted chemical weapons attack in Syria is, in fact, the international organization’s renunciation of truth and objectivity.

 “In the world we all are used to, in some way, concealing the bias was the most important”, the political scientist said. But today, the specific patronage over an international organization defines the position it defends, Kurginyan outlined.

“The world that was before lied. But it lied trying to pretend to be real. The world in its current state lies and doesn’t try to pretend it is real. It doesn’t need this anymore. But why? Why does it reject the very necessity at least to pretend it is real? Because it becomes a world of the utmost arbitrariness”, Kurginyan summarized.

On April 8, on the air of Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV program, while discussing the West’s irrational actions, Sergey Kurginyan pointed out that Russia is getting late with its answer to the aggressive behavior of the West.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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