Ukrainian nationalists desecrate memorial complex

19.04.2018, Odessa.

In Odessa, Ukrainian nationalists desecrated a memorial complex to those who died in World War Two. They reported this on their own Facebook page on April 18.

The nationalists responsible for this act of vandalism are members of the S14 organization. They covered the names of the Hero Cities of the USSR the Walk of Fame in Odessa with paint.

“We have modernized the Walk of Fame by replacing cities that are alien to Ukraine with heroic and tragic places,” they wrote on their page in the social media.

In place of the city names covered with paint, they put “Kramatorsk”, “Ilovaysk”, “Debaltsevo”, and “Mariupol”.

After the coup d’etat in Ukraine, acts of vandalism against Soviet memorials became more frequent. This is due to the growth of radical nationalist attitudes in the country. For example, in the Mariinsky Park in Kiev, radicals poured paint over the memorial to the Soviet general Nikolay Vatutin.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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