Sergey Kurginyan: Putin’s address is a preemptive move

08.03.2018, Aleskandrovskoye.

Political scientist Sergey Kurginyan expressed his opinion that the second part of Vladimir Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly is a proactive step which was made to ensure military, political, and psychological containment in the Meaning of the Game online broadcast on March 7.

“A hyper-cold war is in progress, which can rapidly escalate into a hot war. Putin clearly understands that this kind of an address will provoke an acute response in the West. For certain reasons, however… he believes that a red line is so close that a preemptive statement to ensure military, technical, and psychological deterrence is the best option,” the political scientist believes.

According to Kurginyan, “Putin has no need to bluff in the presidential campaign given the way it has been going.” Also, the President “absolutely trusts” the information that he presented in his address.

 “If Putin discusses specific information about certain products, it can only mean that he absolutely trusts this information,” Kurginyan said.

On March 1, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, gave his annual address to the Federal Assembly. In the second part, Vladimir Putin spoke about the country’s achievements in the development of new strategic weapons. In particular, the President said that the Russian army has adopted Kinzhal [dagger ― translator’s note] hypersonic missiles with a velocity of up to Mach 10.

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency

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