Canadian universities open cannabis course

27.02.2018, Toronto.

A number of Canadian universities and colleges announced the enrollment of students to be trained for jobs related to the legalization of cannabis, a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera Information Agency reported on February 25.

In view of the coming legalization of cannabis, many Canadian colleges and universities have opened training courses. A large number of jobs are expected to be created after the legalization. According to the Deloitte financial company, a market volume of $23 billion is expected based on an estimated 5 million clients nationwide.

 “The growth will be exponential,” said Debbie Johnston, dean of the School of Continuing Education at Durham College. “This is an utterly unique opportunity in the market. These don’t come along very often.”

Ontario colleges and universities offer weekly, monthly, and yearly courses. For example, Durham College offers a two-day course called Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals that can accommodate 30 students in the classroom and 30 online for US$400.

 “It gives them a background in the cannabis industry,” said Johnston. “We had an unbelievable range of people take the course. Everything from business people, investors, lots of health-care providers, holistic practitioners. We had a pharmacist from the U.S. We got a farmer. We got a chef. Every course has been totally booked. And we anticipate that’s going to continue because there’s a huge interest and there’s lots of job opportunities out there.”

Another college, Niagara College, is offering a year-long, two-semester Commercial Cannabis Production course this fall for the first time at a cost of $5,000 per semester. The College’s professors report a great interest to the program.

The legalization of cannabis in Canada is planned for the summer of 2018. In Ontario alone, 150 state-owned shops are to be opened. The image and logos of cannabis shops are being designed as the legalization is awaited.

According to recent studies by the American Medical Association, the use of cannabis is associated with higher rates of psychiatric diseases, especially in adolescents.

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency

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