The grave of the poet Lesya Ukrainka is desecrated in Kiev

25.02.2018, Kiev.

The grave of poet Lesya Ukrainka in Kiev was desecrated, said the head of the Ukrainian National Union of Writers Mikhail Sidorzhevsky on February 25, RT reports.

According to Sidorzhevsky, bronze garlands were stolen from the monument of the poet. Unidentified perpetrators committed the act of vandalism on the birthday of the poet. The head of the Writers’ Union also said that in connection with the incident it is planned to go to the police, as well as to request the Ministry of Culture to restore the monument.

February 25 is Lesya Ukrainka’s birthday. On the eve, as in the previous years, writers, workers of the Public Library named after Lesya Ukrainka, and admirers of Lesya’s talent came to her grave in the Baikovo cemetery. And they were stunned when they saw the ruined monument of the great poet. Of all the majestic bronze garlands, which adorned the monument from all the sides, only metal pins were left,” Sidorzhevsky said.

Lesya Ukrainka (Larisa Petrovna Kosach-Kvitka) was a Ukrainian poet, writer and translator from eight languages, who lived at the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, became famous for a number of poem books. Her uncle, Mikhail Petrovich Dragomanov, a famous writer and publicist who collaborated with Ivan Franko, had a great influence on Lesya’s views and ideals of serving the Homeland, which she carried through her short life. In Ukraine she is considered to be an outstanding poet.

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency

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