Netherlands: Human rights activists commit sexual harassments against children

24.02.2018, Amsterdam.

Six cases of sexual assault against children by the employees of the Plan International NGO working in the field of children’s rights protection were made public by the institution, APA News Agency reported on February 22.

The statement claims that the organization published a year’s data on sexual violence against children starting from summer 2016 to summer 2017, and informed of firing employees taking part in the assaults.

Recently similar scandals were uncovered in Médecins Sans Frontières and British Oxfam, with dozens of cases of sexual assault against children. These organizations have also reported on firing dozens of their employees involved in these scandals.

Plan international NGO was established in 1937 during the war in Spain by a British journalist. He decided to open an institution helping to adopt children left without parents during the war. During WWII the institution was helping displaced children, and after the war shifted its focus to the less developed American and Asian countries. In 2013 the organization was working with 78 million children. Around 600 000 activists were involved. The institution is not only helping orphaned children, it also provides aid in emergency situations, carries out information campaigns in the field of sanitary, hygiene, security, sexual health, including HIV preventive measures.

Editorial comment

Private-owned care of children, having no government control, turns into violence against children once again. The West has already got used to accidents like the one published here. But nobody suggests any reasons for this violence neither Western, nor in Russian media. No one wishes to discuss that on the one hand, a large industry makes profits from turning human sexuality into a commodity, which for sure involves children into this money-making machine. On the other hand, consequent steps on taking orphans care issues from a constant control by the state as well as the policy of criminalization of their families, when the children are being taken away from their families and given to their adopters, inevitably increases the possibility of violations against children.

No one wishes to speak about the reasons of this trouble. It seems that discussing new details of such cases turns out to be much more important than the real struggle against defilement of children.

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency

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