Militants shell hospital in Damascus

24.02.2018, Damascus.

A hospital in Damascus has been shelled by militants from the area of East Ghouta, TASS reported on 23 February.

An intensive care unit at the hospital in Damascus was seriously damaged as a result of rocket attack carried out by militants. Earlier, in the morning of 23 February, one person was killed and 15 were wounded as a result of a similar shelling of the capital’s Salaheddin district.

After the liberation of Syria from ISIL (organization banned in Russia), a ceasefire agreement between the opposing was successfully reached. However, violations of the truce by illegal armed groups controlled by the United States or being part of the US zone of influence, have recently become more frequent. The militants of Jabhat al-Nusra (organization banned in Russia), who shot down a Russian fighter jet Su-25 on February 3 this year, are presently the main culprits in breaking the truce.

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency

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