Expert: Romania needs the romanianization of Moldavia

13.02.2018, Moscow.

The Director General of the Institute of Regional Problems Dmitry Zhuravlev believes that the ban on Russian media in Moldavia is due to an intention to “romanianize” the Moldavian population, RT reported in February 12.

Commenting on the enacted Moldavian bill banning Russian information and analytical broadcasts, Zhuravlev expressed his opinion about the reasons why this bill was passed, “Romania and the nationalist fraction of the Moldavian elite are most interested in this ban. Moldavia today is a country with two cultures: Russian-Moldavian and Romanian. Romania’s goal is to make the latter the only one. Romania needs the romanianization of Moldavia. Since cultural changes define political change to a large extent, Romanian programs, radio, and newspapers were available in Moldavia even in the Soviet period, to say nothing of the post-Soviet time. Therefore, this ban only shows that in a fair play they have failed.”

On February 12, a bill was passed in Moldavia, which bans the broadcasting of Russian news and analytical programs. The Russian Foreign Ministry has already called this bill discriminatory. Also, Maria Zakharova expressed an opinion that “the anti-Russian groups in the Moldavian parliament have again forced their will on the population.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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