Russian Defense Ministry delivers humanitarian aid from Ingushetia to Syria

05.01.2017, Syria.

Muslim and Christian communities of the Republic of Ingushetia, Russian Federation, sent a large batch of humanitarian aid which was delivered by military transport aircraft of the Russian Defense Ministry to Syria, RIA Novosti reports on January 5.

The Deputy Head of the Center for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides, Colonel Mikhail Zavalkin told journalists that the Centre received approximately 25 tons of humanitarian aid in total from various social organizations of the Republic of Ingushetia: “These are, of course, sweet gifts to children for the New Year, as well as stationery and school supplies, there are also children’s schoolbags with a set of all things necessary for study, and school blackboards”.

The humanitarian aid package also includes food and basic necessity kits for refugees. Colonel Zavalkin also stressed that “the aid would be provided to everyone affected regardless of their nationality and religion”.

“It is very honorable and pleasant for us to bring this cargo put together by our countrymen, the entire Republic, to our brothers in Syria. Let these presents bring joy and smiles to all those who are destitute and people in need, especially children”, Mohammed Yevloyev, a Deputy Commander of the Military Police Battalion, said.

Presently, the Khmeimim Air Base operates in regular mode and receives humanitarian cargos in accordance with approved schedules. The first shipment of humanitarian aid delivered to the air base was transported by An-26 transport aircraft to Damascus.

The Coordination Center for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, which is stationed at the airbase of Khmeimim together with the Russian Air Group, was established in 2016. After Russian President Putin announced the end of the Russian military campaign in Syria, the Center and the military police continue to fulfill their tasks in the Republic.

The main priority areas for Russian servicemen are to assist refugees who are returning back to their homes, and to rescue civilians from de-escalation zones. Their tasks also include planning and providing humanitarian assistance to the people of the Republic, and coordinating the restoration of the infrastructure destroyed by the war. It also includes mediating and coordinating efforts to reintegrate the surrendered militants into peaceful life, as well as monitoring the observance of ceasefire agreements.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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