Moldavian President: Peacekeepers must stay in Transdniestria

27.12.2017, Moldavia.

The Russian peacekeeping mission to Transdniestria remains successful, and it should continue, the President of Moldavia Igor Dodon said on December 25 in an interview to Izvestia.

According to Dodon, opposing statements are only an attempt to attract attention and an opportunity to seek aid from the West. “This mission has been successful. My opinion is that it must continue. Political statements made by members of the Moldavian government elsewhere are only an attempt to attract attention in order to seek support from pro-Western capitals. It is clear to everyone that Russian peacekeepers will stay on the Dnestr River,” the Moldavian President said.

No consensus has been reached so far on a strategic resolution of the problem. “A plan for political resolution needs to be determined. The President, Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament agree on day to day issues, but they have different opinions with regards to the strategic vision,” Igor Dodon emphasized. He believes that Transdniestria must be given a special status: “My opinion remains the same: Transdniestria must be given a special status. However, I do not rule out a federative structure for the state.”

On December 24, the Moldavian President said that the country must not leave the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) despite the attitudes of the pro-European coalition in the Parliament. According to Igor Dodon, calls for leaving the CIS go against the interests of the Moldavian people.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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