Denmark: Children have no idea of basic behavioral norms

27.12.2017, Denmark.

Ami Mercado, the Danish Minister of Children and Social Affairs, urged to pay attention to children’s upbringing in families, BT Danish newspaper reports on December 26.

The number of children who have no idea of the simplest rules of behavior not only in school, but also in society increases, Mercado said.

The Minister believes that although the upbringing takes place in the family, it has become necessary to discuss this issue publicly, since it affects the educational process. With this statement, she opens the country-wide “Debate on Education” in hope of attracting as many parents as possible to discussing this issue.

Earlier, Björn Hansen, the Chairman of the Danish Teachers society, stated that the blame for poor upbringing of children cannot be put on teachers or parents only. Children’s upbringing is also influenced by country’s social policy. Therefore, he believes that this problem should be treated in a comprehensive manner, addressing all its angles.

Editorial comment

Until now, it was believed in Denmark that children under 5 years of age should not be schooled because the process of upbringing can be detrimental to the child’s psyche. As a result of this approach, children are well aware of their rights, but not of their responsibilities and when they start elementary school they have a hard time adapting to discipline, and this naturally hampers the educational process.

First, the forced foster care system literally bans upbringing, then it again wants to control the family only this time due to the fact that children are ill-bred. Parents, in fact, are put in a desperate situation, when they have no leverage for upbringing, when at the same they are being told that it is harmful, and when later this lack of upbringing becomes the reason for a new intervention in the family.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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