Russian Foreign Ministry: Attempts to resolve the Korean crisis forcefully will lead to catastrophe

16.12.2017, Russia.

There is a danger of catastrophic consequences in attempts of Western countries to unleash a military conflict with North Korea, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during the government hour at the Federation Council in Moscow on December 15, REGNUM news agency reports.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation stated, “The situation around the Korean Peninsula is very worrisome. There is no alternative to reduce tension gradually and move to negotiations. Attempts to provoke a military scenario with hope to resolve the crisis will lead to a catastrophe”.

According to Lavrov, Russia and China have developed a roadmap to settle the Korean crisis, and there are more and more supporters to endorse this decision.

In addition, the foreign minister said that the reason for the Korean crisis is not the aggressive policy of the DPRK leadership, but the selfishness and cynicism of the policy pursued by the US and some of its allies with regard to North Korea: “Believing in its own superiority and infallibility, accustomed to the fact that its approaches should be perceived as the only ultimate truth, the so-called historical West seeks to prevent a natural process of formation of a new, more fair and polycentric world order”.

Sanctions against North Korea have been imposed by the United States in 2006. The declared target of sanctions was to force Pyongyang to abandon development of a nuclear missile program. The National Security Council of the United States proposed the following measures to put pressure upon the leadership of DPRK: to return nuclear weapons withdrawn from South Korea back to South Korea, to send subversive groups to the territory of the republic for the purpose of sabotage at nuclear infrastructure facilities, and among other things, assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, as well as his members of his closest circle who have access to nuclear weapons. Furthermore, the United States together with South Korea has been regularly conducting military exercises just off the coast of North Korea, which the latter regards as provocation.

On December 12, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that should riots happen “suddenly” in North Korea and “the regime falls apart,” the US will deploy its troops to North Korea and take control over the nuclear facilities.

Editorial comments

The fight against nuclear proliferation is, of course, a good and right thing to do. But only when it is one of the elements of the fight for peace. What it means to be defenseless and armless before the US we can see in the cases of Iraq and Serbia, Libya and Syria. Is it right to condemn the leadership of North Korea for lack of desire to add to this list? In addition, throughout its existence, North Korea never started a single war, which cannot be said about the United States.

To organize an attempt on unwanted leaders in various countries is not something new for the United States: for example, the CIA had organized more than six hundred attempts on Fidel Castro alone.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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