“They Mixed Up the Tents”: Saakashvili blames SBU for beating his supporters

06.12.2017, Ukraine.

Law enforcement officers failed to drag Odessa Oblast (Odessa Region – translator’s note) ex-governor Mikhail Saakashvili out – they mixed up the tents, the politician wrote on his Facebook page on December 6.  

According to his words, it was him whom they intended to drag out from a tent, however, law enforcers “mixed the tents up and attacked the next one”. People sleeping in there were brutally beaten.

Law enforcers attempted to attack Saakashvili’s supporters’ camp set up nearby the Verkhovnaya Rada of Ukraine (VRU; Ukrainian Parliament; tr. n.), at the morning of December 6th.

“Alarm! The camp near VRU is under attack! Everyone who can – rush over!”, Saakashvili wrote at that time in the social network. Protesters have resisted the police, about 20 people were injured.

The leader of New Forces’ Rukh party’s supporters and Saakashvili himself came to VRU on the evening of December 5 and set up a camp after a rally. It happened after SBU (Security Service of Ukraine – translator’s note) officers tried to arrest the fugitive politician.

On December 6th it also was revealed what offences Saakashvili is being suspected for by Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office. Larisa Sargan, Prosecutor General’s Press Secretary, specified in her Twitter account the list of offences for which he is wanted.

She talked about three articles of Ukraine’s Criminal Penal Code: Attempt of Crime; Premeditated Crime Performed by a Group, by an Organized Group, or by a Criminal Organization; Assisting to members of Criminal Organizations and Concealment of their Crimes.  

Searching for Saakashvili, according to Sargan, is delegated to National Police and SBU operative squads. It seems that they are the ones who mixed up the tents at the new Maidan.

Editorial Comment

The situation around ex-governor Mikhail Saakashvili, who broke through the national border this September, assumes both farce’s and insanity’s characteristics. So-called Ukrainian authorities, having become such after the coup, blame Saakashvili for attempting a coup, Saakashvili whom they employed and cherished before.

Saakashvili’s extradition to Georgia, as Tbilisi (Georgia’s capital; tr. n.) requested, is not on the agenda yet. Tbilisi doesn’t hold the breath, explaining that charges against Saakashvili in Ukraine are too serious. Nevertheless, the events in Kiev can spread over there – Saakashvili’s supporters in Georgia already declared mobilization for December 6th for “Manifestation of Honor”.

Without a question, Saakashvili is instrumental for overthrowing Poroshenko – this is a kind of “black mark” for Kiev. And it’s worthy of attention that a citizen without a passport broke in from Poland’s territory. He is effective exactly as a destructor and demolisher, who might try to grab the reins of radically right-wing Kiev’s elite. Some representatives of radical forces already have spoken in his defense – and, notably, in a form of an ultimatum.

Speaking about situation’s “facade”, both Kiev’s authorities, and Saakashvili himself, made farfetched accusations against Russia, blaming Moscow for being involved in these events. In particular, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General said, that his office and SBU thwarted “pro-Kremlin forces’s retaliation plans”.  Supposedly, Saakashvili received $500,000 from ex-President Viktor Yanukovych’s close associates for implementing some mysterious “Moscow’s Russian Winter Plan”.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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