Most Germans support removing US nuclear weapons

05.12.2017, Germany.

A majority of German residents supports the withdrawal of the US nuclear weapons from their country. This is the result of a sociological survey carried out by the YouGov service among citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, TASS reported on December 5.

In the period from October 28 to 30, a survey was carried out among German residents above 18 years of age regarding the deployment of the US nuclear weapons on their country’s territory, in particular, at Büchel airbase where 20 nuclear bombs are located. According to the YouGov survey, 61% of those surveyed support the withdrawal of the nuclear weapons from the country while only 18% would prefer that they remain. One third of the responders believe that a conflict using nuclear weapons is possible within the next 10 years. Also, 55% spoke for the signing of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons by the country’s leadership.

The issue of US nuclear weapons being deployed on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany was raised this year at the level of national officials. For example, the candidate for Chancellor from the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Martin Schulz, spoke for the withdrawal of these weapons from the country. In contrast, the Government’s Spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer said on August 23 this year that American nuclear weapons ensure the security of the country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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