Italian politician: the Essence of Time movement can unite European left-wing forces

09.11.2017, Russia.

The Essence of Time movement is the force that can unite left-wing forces from around the world, ex-deputy (2004-2009) of the European Parliament, the President of the Alternativa (Alternative) association Giulietto Chiesa said on November 7th at the Moscow ceremonial congress of the Essence of Time movement commemorating a centennial of Russia’s Revolution, Rossa Primavera News Agency reports.

“Back in 1991 at the times of counter revolution, Italy had strong forces that had been able to defend the country. And when the Soviet Union collapsed all the defense systems were broken. For 25 years not only the Proletariat that is difficult to find nowadays, but the population itself has been marching backwards. A great retreat of the civil society was happening. The disintegration of the Soviet Union shocked everybody. And everyone felt it.” 

Italian journalist also stressed that the world today has strong resistance hotspots fighting the forces of chaos. He called Russia and Syria as such. “And it gives us hope. If you can succeed, than we can succeed as well.”

Closing his speech, Giulietto Chiesa stressed that at present there are people in Europe, who have lost their parties and were left to themselves. They are afraid; they do not know how to protect themselves. They have to be organized and united under the ideas of internationalism. A force that is capable of doing this is required.

“We have to find such a force. And today I have seen someone, who can do it. I have seen this force tonight.”

On November 7, 2017, a ceremonial gathering of the Essence of Time movement commemorating a centennial of the Great October Socialist Revolution took place. Delegates from different parts of Russia as well as from the neighboring and distant countries came to Moscow to participate in this ceremonial gathering.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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