Kurginyan: the idea of building paradise on Earth drove the revolutionaries

08.11.2017, Russia.

The idea of building a paradise on Earth drove the revolutionaries, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on November 7 in Moscow at a convention celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera Information Agency reports.

“A clear understanding that if you do not fight you will be defeated and denied all your rights was the driver that encouraged communists. On the one hand, there was a hope for a great goodness; on the other hand, there was a feeling of a hell on Earth being built. This was the idea with which people like Simon Ter-Petrosyan and Stalin went inspired by a great wrath and a great dream, about which it was later said, ‘Let the noble wrath boil over like a wave!’ [a line from a Russian patriotic song Sacred War composed in 1941 ― translator’s note].

Kurginyan pointed out that many revolutionaries, among which there were many young people, rose against the property of the ruling class “when it deprives many people of their right to be humans”. This was the hell that was being built on Earth. “These young men, however, were dreaming about a paradise on Earth; this is what they were striving for. They were very strong people who were creating education, who were ready to suffer hardships, and who lived in a great brotherhood.”

The leader of the Essence of Time movement emphasized that Marxists had something more than their theory. They had their own teleology, a faith. A faith which could move mountains. The faith contained the cult of Prometheus practiced by Marx’ father-in-law, Lafargue.

 “Marx believed that capitalism was the last phase of the gathering of an absolute darkness. According to a religious code, a religious basis which was strongly entrenched in these young people, whatever they were saying about atheism, a lightning was to strike to clear everything and to make everyone see a new Earth and a new sky. Marx strongly believed that the sun would shine after the darkness. However, we clearly see that the principles of the Western world have nothing to do with the traditional capitalism.”

Kurginyan concluded that today we have a post-capitalism which established itself through the self-destruction of its traditional version.

In Moscow, on the territory of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (Russian: VDNKh) a congress of Essence of Time was held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The celebration congress in Moscow was attended by the movement’s delegates and guests from a number of Russian regions as well as from CIS and non-CIS countries.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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