USA evacuates terrorist leaders from Meyadin, Syria

07.11.2017, Syria.

The US Air Force evacuated foreign unit commanders of ISIL (organization banned in Russia ― translator’s note) near the city of Meyadin before it was liberated by the Syrian governmental army, RIA Novosti reported on November 7.

According to local residents’ reports, before the governmental forces began the liberation of the city of Meyadin, foreign ISIL (organization banned in Russia ― translator’s note) leaders were evacuated by US helicopters.

For example, a local resident reported that he saw a US air attack in the region of Ar-Rakhba near Meyadin; after that, American helicopters landed near the militants’ base in the village of Haidar and evacuated the militants.

Other city residents confirmed this, too.

Syrian governmental forces supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces are successfully clearing Deir ez-Zor from ISIL (organization banned in Russia ― translator’s note) militants.

Evacuation of ISIL (organization banned in Russia ― translator’s note) militants’ leaders has already been reported before. For example, according to a report of September 7 this year, in late August 20 commanders were evacuated from the area of Deir ez-Zor to northern Syria.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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