Patriarch Kirill: The elites’ inability to address the challenges of the day caused the Revolution

03.11.2017, Russia.

At the opening of the 21st World Russian People’s Council, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill addressed the participants with words regarding the centennial of Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution (The Great October Socialist Revolution), the web-site of the Moscow Patriarchate reported on October 2nd.

The Patriarch called to remember century-old lessons, and to prevent the same tragic events from unfolding. The Patriarch sees the root of these disturbances in the elites’ inability to live up to the challenges of that time. With this in mind, now he urged to pay special attention to the quality of elite and its loyalty to the people. The Patriarch said that the main entity for creation of such an elite is the people, and he proposed to invest resources into people’s development.

The centennial of Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution is fast approaching. It followed the February Revolution, when Tsar Nicholas II abdicated the throne under the pressure of his close associates. This decision triggered a period of serious disturbances in Russia. The country’s difficult situation was aggravated by its ensuing disintegration, the breaking away of border lands, and increasing chaos. The Russian Provisional Government, which came to replace the Monarchy in 1917, was unable to stop the destruction of the country. Then, in October 1917, the Bolshevik Party came to power. Through great sacrifices, they managed to stop the country’s downslide into nonexistence.

Editorial Comment

Patriarch Kirill explicitly addresses our country’s elites, and he urges them not to forget their responsibility before the people and the consequences of forgetting the latter. The Patriarch’s address shows the Church’s understanding and concern regarding today’s problems.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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