Liberation movement blocks Roshen factory in Vinnitsa

30.10.2017, Ukraine.

Activists of the Liberation movement [Ukrainian: Рух визволення] are calling to block the factories and other enterprises owned by Pyotr Poroshenko, starting from the Roshen plant in Vinnitsa. A corresponding statement was posted on October 29 on the movement’s Facebook page.

On their Facebook page, activists of the Liberation movement posted an address to Ukrainian nationals urging them to join their action and block the operation of the business assets owned by the President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko across the country. They boycott all goods manufactured at President’s factories and call to avoid using any services provided by his banks or insurance companies.

In a video attached to the address, the activists are speaking from an improvised stage near the Roshen factory in Vinnitsa. One of the speakers suggested that Pyotr Poroshenko should sell his business, give the received money to the state, and take care of state matters.

The action is supported by ATO veterans [“Anti-terrorist operation” is the Kiev junta’s punitive operation in Donbass ― translator’s note].

The main slogan of the protest is the demand that Pyotr Poroshenko must make a choice and “care either for the state or for the business”.

The new protests began in Ukraine after Mikhail Saakashvili returned to the country. The protesters’ main demands are an act lifting immunity from members of parliament and a president impeachment act.

Editorial comment

The new wave of protests in Ukraine that began after Mikhail Saakashvili returned to the country is apparently taking tangible forms. From populist slogans, peaceful tent camps at the Maidan [banana/color revolution” in Ukraine ― translator’s note], and information noise, protesters are moving to meaningful actions.

Activists of the Liberation movement hit the sore spot of any major owner, his capitalist assets. The blocking of the factory in Vinnitsa was followed by the deployment of activists at the Roshen logistic center near Kiev. Thus, the activists have started full-scale “hostilities”.

Such a serious pressure targeting personally the President will force him into making certain actions. In fact, Pyotr Poroshenko has been given an ultimatum. He will no longer be able to keep the “no peace, no war” status. Ultimately, he will either order an offensive against Donbass or get overthrown and left without all his business assets. In the latter case, the offensive will be ordered by the next President of Ukraine. This may be the one who is now organizing the new protests and who is apparently going to take Pyotr Poroshenko’s capitals away.

Every time, another “maidan” will only escalate the radicalization of the Ukrainian authorities. On the other hand, the Ukrainian state system stumbles increasingly often. The economy is falling down day by day, the regions are going out of control, European countries are becoming more and more discontented, and the standard of living is getting worse. All the processes will definitely accelerate because the statehood of Ukraine is at stake. The state will either be strengthened by Ukrainian nationalists’ iron grip or fall into several parts. However, there is one more scenario, partially driven from abroad. With the international community’s help provided under the Minsk agreements, Ukraine can be re-assembled based on new constitutional grounds, and all the de facto different parts of Ukraine can sign a new state agreement to establish a federative or confederative structure of the state.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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