Kurginyan: It is going to be a right-wing non-stop revolution

23.10.2017, Russia.

A dictatorship can be established in Ukraine, a political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on October 22 at the Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV show at the Russian Channel 1.

According to Kurginyan, one of the signs of any dictatorship is that it destroys the most radical segment inside the political subject itself, “you know, the way it happened when Hitler removed Röhm”. However, in the Ukrainian government today there are no people who could do that “Can Poroshenko, or Avakov, or whoever else in Ukraine eliminate their own right-wing radicals? No! Can anybody eliminate the right-wing radicals in Ukraine from this kind of a government? No one can, because the radicals are the basis for everything. As soon as they are eliminated, the entire system will collapse; they cannot shoot themselves in the foot,” Kurginyan explained.

According to the political scientist, Ukraine’s General Staff, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and other major bodies cannot defeat the militants. “Firstly, because the militants will defeat anyone themselves,” and secondly, “the militants cannot be attacked ― this is the main problem of Ukraine today,” Kurginyan said.

If the militants cannot be eliminated, “they have to hold power. Whether led by Tyagnibok or anyone else, it will be this force. There is no other force. It will definitely not be Saakashvili… It is going to be a RIGHT-wing non-stop revolution,” Kurginyan underlined.

However, this does not mean that a dictatorship cannot be established in Ukraine. The political scientist explained that “as for dictatorship, which may happen or may not, we should remember that any dictatorship goes through an intermediate state of collective dictatorship. Robespierre, Danton, Marat ― after Marat’s death those who remained killed each other, then the Directoire in Napoleon’s  time followed, and so on. Therefore we can get a collective dictatorship as well.”

At the TV show, the participants discussed the possibility of a new “maidan” [coup d’etat] in Ukraine in view of a protest rally against the authority of the Ukraine’s President Pyotr Poroshenko that began on October 17. The rally was initiated by the former President of Georgia, the former Governor of Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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