The largest weaving mill in Syria resumed its work

21.10.2017, Syria.

The largest weaving mill in Syria resumed its work thanks to the efforts of Aleppo residents, TASS correspondent reported on October 21.

The launch of the first weaving machine marked the restoration of the factory situated in the Ein al-Tal quarter of Aleppo. Before the war, this factory was the largest in the Syrian weaving industry. In the peacetime, the factory processed raw cotton into 14 million square meters of cloth annually. For the last several years the factory was controlled by the militants, who manufactured here anti-personnel mines and mortar shells.

At the meeting with journalists factory, director Salah Mardut said that Jebhat an-Nusra (organization banned in Russia) militants fired at the nearest residential areas from the factory. According to Salah Mardut, the militants took with them a part of the equipment. The total damage caused to the factory’s infrastructure is estimated at $60 million.

The factory director also said that it is impossible to purchase the necessary components under sanctions. Therefore, power supply is provided by diesel generators. Raw materials, which is cotton cloth, is transported from the province of Hama. The first supplies of linen will go to the hospitals.

Various cotton crops were cultivated in the province of Aleppo during the peacetime. The drought began in the province after terrorists destroyed the irrigation system that supplied water from the Euphrates to the fields. Nowadays local authorities supported by The Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides are restoring the water supply.

The largest industrial city of Aleppo was liberated by the Syrian army in December 2016. On May 2017 the media reported that since the day of liberation over 15,000 small enterprises of the city had been restored.

According to the media, as of October 19 more than a million civilians returned to Syria since the beginning of the military operation.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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