Is Ukraine being ignited for war before the election in Russia?

19.10.2017, Russia.

The United States wants to escalate the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia and, if possible, to bring it to the point of hostilities by the time of the presidential election in Russia, expert and Vice President of the Experimental Creative Centre International Public Foundation Yury Byaly believes, the Rossa Primavera Information Agency reports on October 17.

“It is not only about the Americans. A major part of the Ukrainian political elite (and a majority of the population) have grown tired of Poroshenko and his policies. Also, he has brought himself into the confrontation with the groups that played the most important role in ‘guiding’ the radicals from the ‘volunteer battalions’, the Kolomoysky group first and foremost. In addition, he has robbed these groups,” Yury Byaly said.

“Based upon the number of violent actions by the against the ‘volunteer battalions’ as well as some indicative deaths of their commanders (recently, one of the commanders of the ‘Azov Volunteer Regiment’ was found dead), Poroshenko and many army officers are trying to begin a ‘clean-up operation’ against the semi-partisan ‘volunteer’ movement which breaks with their plans, and which increasingly discredits Ukraine in the West, especially in Europe,” this is how Yury Byaly explains the recent actions made by the Ukrainian army against the “volunteer battalions”.

“Poroshenko is actually creating the stalemate situation through his policies (toward the Minsk agreements as well), along with weakening the most radical paramilitary wing of the anti-Russian opposition. Neither the leaders and financial sponsors of this opposition, nor the US find this acceptable. Both the two parties want to bring this new ‘neither peace nor war’ situation to the point of exploding. The elite opposition wants to regain power and control over the country’s finances. The leaders of the ‘volunteer battalions’ dream about a greater political role and a share of power and money. This is how I see the further planning and scenario… As for Saakashvili, for both the Ukrainian elite and the USA he is a ready-to-use, obedient and appropriate tool,” this is what Yury Byaly said about the complex political situation in Ukraine.

On October 17, a rally with a tent camp began in front of the Supreme Council of Ukraine. Protesters broke through the police lines. The main organizer of the rally is Mikhail Saakashvili, the leader of the party “Rukh Novykh Sil” (Movement of New Forces) under whose flags the protests are occurring.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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