Researcher: Bandera Nazis have a real Ukrainian Nationalist’s Prayer

17.10.2017, Russia.

An activist of the Essence of Time movement, Andrey Bersenev, in his report “The black order of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists” discusses the spiritual and order-like component at the roots of Ukrainian nationalism. The report was presented on October 12 at the conference “Ukrainism: Who constructed it and why”, a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera Information Agency reports.

“In the summer of 1929, right after the OUN was established, one of the organization’s leading ideologists, Stepan Lenkavsky, composed a so-called “Decalogue of the Ukrainian Nationalist”. Like the 10 Christian Commandments, the Decalogue consisted of 10 paragraphs. A certain entity, which the Ukrainian nationalist addressed at the beginning of the Decalogue demanded that he must follow these 10 Commandments of fanatic service to the nation. What kind of entity is that?” the author asks. Further, he cites the Decalogue: “I am the spirit of the ever-being force,” it named itself, “which saved you from the Tartar invasion, and which placed you between two worlds to build a new life.”

The pre-eternal force has nothing to do with Christianity, “it is known to be an element coming from the gnostics’ Absolute. It is the Absolute which must defeat the God who created the world, and cast it down into the pre-creation state, i.e. into nothingness, the pre-eternal darkness. To return to that state, one must grow to hate life and its forms, and to love the great destroyer of the Kingdom of Forms, death. This is what accounts, for example, for the paradoxical salute of Spanish Falangists ‘Viva la muerte!’ (Long Live Death!),” the report explains.

Bersenev added that “in addition to the Decalogue, the OUN militants had a real Ukrainian Nationalist’s Prayer. Everyone who joined the OUN had to learn and recite this prayer”.

According to the researcher, “it is obviously not God that the OUN Nationalist’s Prayer addresses, although even Hitler’s soldiers did not cringe at such an address. The German soldier’s belt buckle had the words ‘Gott mit uns’ on it. In contrast, in the OUN we see something quite different, a desire to dissolve oneself for eternal life into the Mother, whatever you call her. This is a much clearer articulation of something that Hitler’s Nazis allowed only insiders to discuss, that is the addressing to a certain very dark matriarchal entity which is very far from any sort of monotheism,” the report explains. The author also stresses that “today, nationalist military groups use this prayer in their swearing-in ritual”.

On October 11 in Moscow, a research and practical conference entitled “Ukrainism: Who constructed it and why” began. It was organized by the Essence of Time movement and the Experimental Creative Centre International Public Foundation. At the conference, a multi-authored monograph of the same title was presented; Sergey Kurginyan spoke about its content. “We are studying Ukrainism, not Ukraine. Our subject is Ukrainism as a construct. The creation of this construct, its characteristics, its consecutive transformation, its implementation, and finally its outlook―this is the focus of our study, which is thus fundamentally different from a normal historical or sociological study of a normal Ukraine,” the leader of the Essence of Time movement said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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