Donetsk city administration: Ukrainian army shelling disrupted power supply of 150 houses

15.10.2017, DPR.

According to the press service of Donetsk city administration, as a result of shelling from the Ukrainian side electrical power supply of 150 houses in the suburb of Donetsk was disrupted, Donetsk News Agency reported on October 15.

“The Ukrainian army shelled the township of Elenovka in Leninskiy district of Donetsk on the 14th of October. Transmission lines were damaged in the shelling,   150 houses in the private sector lost access to power supply”,— the press service reported.

The administration hasn’t yet received any information on the possible casualties.

A DPR checkpoint in situated in Yelenovka, which is designated on some maps as Olenivka or Olenovka. The township is located at the contact line with the Ukrainian side.

Joint Centre for Ceasefire Control and Coordination reports that the Ukrainian army fired about 700 shells at the DPR territory over the past day.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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