Russian specialists to launch the largest flour mill in Syria

02.10.2017, Syria.

The largest flour mill in Syria will be launched by Russian engineers in the city of Homs by the end of the year, TASS news agency reports on October 2, 2017.

At present, 85% of restoration and reconstruction work is completed. Installation of equipment is in progress.

It is a fully automatic flour mill plant. We will finish installation works by the beginning of the next year. The plant will process 600 tons of grain per day”, said Magomed Mazukbazov, the project director from the Russian side.

A contract regarding the plant restoration was signed in 2015. But proximity to the frontline with Islamists impeded efforts to reconstruction.

Now everything is still and quiet. Much more peaceful than it was three years ago. At that time, to stay in one place here for more than two hours was not allowed at all“, said Mazukbazov assessing the current situation.

Prior to the war, Syria produced approximately 10 million tons of durum wheat per year. That was enough to meet the domestic needs in grain production in the country, with part of the produce being exported. With the outbreak of the civil war, wheat production fell by almost 60% in Syria. Russian grain supplies provide Syrian people with significant support and assistance.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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