Russian army supplies humanitarian aid to Aleppo

25.09.2017, Syria.

Russian servicemen of the Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides (CROS) have delivered over two tons of humanitarian aid to the residents of the Tell Asus settlement in the Aleppo province, TASS reports on September 25 citing the CROS spokesperson Soslan Tseboev.

According to Tseboev, four thousand tons of construction materials and equipment is to be supplied soon to Syria to reconstruct the destroyed settlements.

“To reconstruct the Syrian regions damaged by the war, dozens of construction machines, thousands of tons of pipes, construction materials, and equipment, as well as hundreds of kilometers of cable is to be brought to Syria by sea,” Tseboev added.

In addition to supplying materials, Russian army deployed a medical station in the Tell Asus settlement, head of the special medical unit Anton Smirnov told reporters. He said that most of the local residents’ visits for medical aid are due to dehydration caused by infections and digestive tract diseases. Many children have tonsillitis.

The closest hospital is 20 kilometers away from the settlement which currently lacks even a pharmacy. “This is the reason why we provide everyone who turns to us for medical assistance with the necessary medicine,” Smirnov said.

On September 25, Russia sent to Syria approximately 4 tons of construction materials, vehicles, and special equipment for the reconstruction of the infrastructure.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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