Venezuela joins Organization of Islamic Cooperation

13.09.2017, Venezuela.

Venezuela has joined the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as an observer, the President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro said on September 12 at a Cabinet meeting, TeleSUR reports.

According to Maduro, the first OIC summit on science and technology held in Kazakhstan has strengthened Venezuela’s relations with other countries in related fields.

Maduro emphasized the importance of new contracts between Venezuela and Turkey signed at the summit.

Maduro also mentioned a new oil production contract between OPEC countries, and he said there were reasons to expect the contract to be ratified on September 20 at the summit in Vienna.

According to TeleSUR, many leaders who attended the summit expressed support to the Venezuelan government in view of the sanctions recently imposed by Donald Trump. Maduro, in turn, urged his colleagues “to fight for a world without wars, without hegemonic empires”.

At the summit, Maduro met the leaders of Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation was established on September 25, 1969, by a conference of Muslim state leaders in Rabat in order to ensure Muslim solidarity in social, economic, and political areas, to fight colonialism, neocolonialism, and racism, and to support the Palestine Liberation Organization.

The observer status at OIC is held by Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Central African Republic, the Russian Federation, and other countries, as well as a number of organizations: the UN, the Non-Aligned Movement etc. The headquarters of the Organization is located in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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