Thanks to the comrades from Perm!

11.09.2017, DPR.

Our comrades from Perm Essence of Time cell and empathetic residents of Perm gifted important and necessary items of equipment to the unit.

Cold nights in Donbass are getting colder. It is raining and mire is everywhere – autumn is setting in. Soldiers are especially unprotected from cold during this time, as many of them are still wearing summer uniform and outfit. It is now, when cough is becoming a fixture in barracks, and infirmaries are overcrowded, warm footwear, gloves, socks are essential to any serviceman of the DPR.

We recently received a shipment of 15 pairs gloves, 3 pairs of footwear, and 3 pairs of warm socks from the residents of Perm. Furthermore, they sent us 4 very practical headtorches of the type that showed itself to be useful during combat for the airport in Donetsk and got us out of difficult situations on various positions along the whole front line.

We express our great gratitude for caring for the warriors of Essence of Time unit!

Source: “Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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