Russian Foreign Minister announces new de-escalation zone in Syria

28.08.2017, Russia.

An agreement on establishing another de-escalation zone in Idlib has been achieved. Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, informed journalists about the agreement on August 28, RIA Novosti News Agency reported.

Preliminary agreements were reached during the visit of Sergey Lavrov to Kuwait. According to the Minister, Kuwait highly appreciates Russia’s contribution to the settling of the conflict in Syria. A new de-escalation zone will be established near the town of Idlib. The Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed hope that the establishment of another zone will be finally secured during the next round of Astana talks.

There are already three de-escalation zones set up in Syria: one is near the city of Homs, another one is located in the eastern Ghouta, which is in the suburb of Damascus, and the third zone includes the Deraa province along the border with Jordan.

Since 2011 the military conflict in Syria has been going on and has already resulted in massive country destruction. The death toll in the military conflict reached hundreds of thousands of people. In March 2015, a series of offensive operations took place to capture the city of Idlib. As a result of the clashes, the armed opposition took control over the entire city.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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