U.S. Navy destroyer accident is causing concern for China

25.08.2017, China.

U.S. Navy destroyer accident is causing concern for many countries including China, Hua Chunying, People’s Republic of China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson stated on 24th of August, RT agency informs.

“Many people are very concerned about the frequent US military activities at sea, which damage the freedom and safety of navigation”, — stated the diplomat.

The spokesperson also expressed a hope for The United States to “pay attention to and properly handle this issue”.

The destroyer USS John S. McCain collided with the oil tanker Alnic MC not far from Singapore on 21st of August. 10 crew members went missing and another 5 were injured as a result of the collision.

U.S. Navy command dismissed Vice Admiral Joseph P. Aucoin, the head of the Seventh Fleet, after that.

Admiral Igor Katasonov, former vice-chief-in-command of Russian Navy called the collision an act of negligence in his talk with The National News Agency.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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