Syrian army encircles militants at their last large foothold in Hama

19.08.2017, Syria.

Syrian army, supported by Russian Aerospace Forces, completes the encirclement of the last large foothold of Islamist militants in Hama province, Russian Defense Ministry stated on August 18, REGNUM news agency reports.

The militants gained foothold in the Syrian town of Akerbat in the east of Hama province and to the north of liberated Palmira. The town of Akerbat is considered to be the largest foothold of ISIL (organization banned in Russia). Previously, Mosul had been the biggest one until it was liberated by the Army of Iraq.

Syrian assault troops cut off the last militants’ supply route in the Akerbat area by establishing fire control.

Russian Aerospace Forces conduct aerial recon of militants’ relocations by using drones. The militants try to break through towards the city of Deir ez-Zor, but they are discovered and eliminated by air strikes.

To the moment the operation of Akerbat liberation continues for several months. The city is located near another city of Huveysis.

The agreement on creation of four de-escalation zones became a milestone for the Syrian war. Syrian army and the armed opposition arrived at this agreement in May 2017. The truce in the zones is supported by both parties. However, ISIL (organization banned in Russia) and other extremists are not included in the truce agreement. Now they are almost encircled by Syrian army near Akerbat.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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