Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: We are outraged by the unauthorized presence of foreign troops

06.08.2017, Syria.

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal Mikdad said on August 4 that Syrian unconditionally oppose the unauthorized presence of foreign troops in Syria, Pars Today Iranian online-portal reported.

Fayssal Mikdad stressed, that Russian and Iranian forces have Damascus’ permission for their disposition in Syria, while the presence of the other foreign countries’ troops is unacceptable.

The Deputy Foreign Minister paid attention to the role of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar in the aggression against Syria. He mentioned that Turkey assisted in bringing 400 thousand terrorists into Syrian territory.

“The aim of supporting regional and supra-regional terrorist groups is to propagate the spirit of extremism in the region. The American ‘anti-ISIL’ (ISIL — organization banned in Russia) coalition, as an illegitimate coalition, is connected with the deaths of many of Syrians”, — Fayssal Mikdad concluded.

On July 07, 2017, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a message to the UN Security Council (UNSC) and United Nations Secretary-General with a strong denunciation of the actions carried out by US-led international coalition.

“The USA leads a coalition that engages terror and violates the international order, the UN Charter, and UNSC resolutions on Syria, which stress the need to respect Syria, its people, and its territorial integrity”, the document states. In the document, the Syrian Foreign Ministry draws the international community’s attention to the fact that the US-led coalition’s offensives lead to the strengthening of ISIL (organization banned in Russia).

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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