August 3 Essence of Time in Donbass situation report (with map)

The temporarily lull in fighting is observed on the Gorlovka and Donetsk parts of the front, but the situation is escalating on the Mariupol direction.

03.08.2017, DPR.

The western outskirts of Donetsk came under the Ukrainian military’s shelling. Electric power was lost in the village of Aleksandrovka as a result of the shelling. Trench combat continues in the outskirts of Yasinovataya, the Ukrainian side is using the recon drones to adjust artillery fire.

The Ukrainian army became active on the south direction of the front. The night before, two Ukrainian sabotage-recon groups attempted to cross the front line near the village of Vodyanoye in the Novoazovsky district. The Kiev military came upon a minefield and had to retreat. The enemy lost 10 people dead and wounded. The Ukrainian army heavily shelled the village of Leninskoye in the night.

On the Gorlovka direction, Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia (DPR PM) intelligence noted the arrival of one battalion of 152mm Akatsiya self-propelled artillery vehicles and of 122mm D-30 howitzers in the area of Konstantinovka. The location of one tank company was uncovered in Dzerzhinsk. The tank company, moving from Krasnogorovka in the direction of Mariinka, was noted on the Donetsk direction.

On August 2, the Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire 77 times. 21 towns and villages of the Donetsk People’s Republic came under Ukrainian army’s fire. The enemy utilized artillery, tanks, 82mm and 120mm mortars, infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers, and small arms. 2 houses were damaged in Dokuchaevsk. According to DPR PM, 2 servicemen of the Republic were heavily wounded.

Source: Essence of Time in Donbass

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