Ukrainian military are using lull in fighting to strengthen their positions

03.08.2017, DPR.

There was information on trench combat on the northern outskirts of Gorlovka, in the area of Yasinovataya, and on the western borders of Donetsk, a source in the Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia (DPR PM) informed a Rossa Primavera reporter on August 2.

The Ukrainian side again opened fire on the village of Staromikhaylovka in the Kirovsky district of Donetsk with 82mm mortars and grenade launchers.

In the evening, two Ukrainian army’s sabotage-recon groups (SRG), 10 to 15 men strong, attempted to penetrate on the territory of the Republic, but the groups were uncovered and suffered casualties as they advanced in the Ukrainian minefield and caused an explosion. During the sabotage-recon groups’ retreat, the Ukrainian military of the 59th Independent motorized infantry brigade opened ragged fire using infantry fighting vehicles and small arms on the DPR PM position.

During the “Harvest Truce” [a truce concluded for the period of gathering the harvest – editor’s note], the Ukrainian army significantly reinforced their fortifications on the Donetsk part of the front. The Ukrainian military is using a lull in fighting to redeploy their military hardware and other weaponry in the area of the Donetsk water filtration plant. Moreover, DPR PM intelligence informed on a large number of the Ukrainian army’s armored vehicles in the area of Pesky.

On August 1, the Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire 54 times. 18 towns and villages of the Donetsk People’s Republic came under Ukrainian military’s fire.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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