Venezuelan television host: The Parliament is destabilizing the country

07.07.2017, Russia.

A state television host, Oswaldo Rivero, made a statement on July 6 accepting responsibility for an attack on the Parliament which is in opposition to the government, the TASS news agency reports.

In his video address Oswaldo Rivero, a host at a state-owned VTV channel, stressed that the opposition-dominated Parliament is provoking anti-government protests. “We protest against those who are hiding food from us, who commit terrorist attacks, who act against their people,” this is how Rivero explained the motives of those who attacked the members of the National Assembly.

People claiming to be supporters of the current authorities attacked the Venezuelan Parliament building in the morning on July 5. According to witnesses, the attackers were armed with sticks and home-made explosives. As a result of the attack, five members of the National Assembly were injured. President Maduro condemned the government supporters’ violence, and he urged to investigate the incident and to punish those responsible.

In early April in Venezuela, active opposition street protests began, which escalated into clashes with the police and supporters of the socialist authorities. The protests were triggered by a decision of the Supreme Court to limit the power of the opposition-dominated Parliament. The street protests have left over 70 people dead and over 1,300 injured; more than 3,300 people have been detained.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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