Computer virus threatens to disrupt world business

01.07.2017, USA.

A computer virus disrupted the work of companies in more than 60 countries including ports from Mumbai to Los Angeles, Cyence Cyber Risk Assessment company informed on June 29, Reuters agency reports.

According to Cyence company, losses caused by WannaCry virus total around $8 million in the past month. This estimate shows that big companies all over the world faced cyber-attacks that knock most important computer networks offline.

A new computer virus GoldenEye, or Petya, started spreading in Ukraine on Tuesday. The virus encrypted files and demanded a ransom worth $300. Similar tactic was used in the global WannaCry attack in May. Security experts said that the aim of the attack seems to be not ransom, but disruption, with monetary gain being only a cover. The attack used powerful software for data cleansing, which does not allow to restore lost data.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency


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