Kiev street renamed after Nazi war criminal

30.06.2017, Ukraine.

General Vatutin1 Avenue in Kiev will now bear the name of Roman Shukhevich, as the Ukrainian Minister of Culture Evgeniy Nischuk stated during the official ceremony dedicated to the 110th Birthday of Roman Shukhevich on June 30, Ukrinform, Ukrainian News Agency, reported on its webpage.

“All the court proceedings are behind, and, today, on the anniversary of Roman Schukhevich’s Birthday, Vatutin Avenue has been officially renamed Shukhevich Avenue,” Nischuk said.

The resolution to rename the Avenue was passed by the Kiev City Council on June 1. Kiev residents contested this decision in court. The Kiev district administrative court barred this resolution from taking force until the case would be considered in detail.

Roman Shukhevich was a Commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army [organization banned in Russia – Editor]. Earlier, the avenue bore the name of Nikolay Vatutin, who commanded the Kiev offensive. In the course of this operation, Kiev was liberated on November 6, 1943.

1  In February 1944, Vatutin was fatally wounded in combat against a group of militants of the so-called Ukrainian Insurgent Army (organization banned in Russia – Editor). General Nikolai Vatutin was buried in Kiev. Therefore, the Kiev City Council decision to rename the avenue after Shukhevich looks like an attempt by the defeated Nazis to gain revenge against the fallen Hero – Editor.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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