Russian Ministry of Defense: Britain’s new aircraft carrier is an easy target

29.06.2017, Russia.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov commented on the statements of UK Defense Secretary about the exterior beauty of the new British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, TASS news agency reports on June 29.

“Like with (Queen) bees, the British aircraft carrier is capable of merely releasing planes from its womb being surrounded by a swarm of warships, support vessels, and submarines to ensure its protection. <…> Unlike Aircraft cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, which is equipped with multiple launches, anti-submarine, and most important, Granit anti-ship missiles, the British aircraft carrier is nothing more than just a huge easy naval target”, said the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, the Mirror reports.

Besides Igor Konashenkov noted that by this statement UK Defense Secretary “demonstrate a clear lack of knowledge of naval science.” The Russian defense official also recommended Queen Elizabeth to keep hundreds miles away from Russian ‘distant relative’.

The cause for such a statement of Russian Defence Ministry spokesman was UK Defense Secretary interview given to Telegraph. Sir Michael Fallon called Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, which sailed through the Channel recently, old and “dilapidated”. He added that “ I think the Russians will look at this ship [HMS Queen Elizabeth – Editor] with a little bit of envy”. 

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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