Spanish Congressman: Spanish government is financing the opposition in Venezuela

27.06.2017, Spain.

Manuel Monedero, a member of the Spanish Congress, who represents the Unidos Podemos coalition (“Together we can”), accused the ruling party and the Spanish government of financing and training militant opposition groups in Venezuela, La Radio del Sur reported on June 25.

The Spanish congressman stressed that the ruling party Partido Popular (“People’s Party”) financing of the Venezuelan opposition using its own funds, did not begin yesterday, but it has been going on for “many years“.

“It’s not that they criticize Maduro (Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela – Rossa Primavera News Agency) … No, they finance the opposition, they train the leadership, they support the Venezuelan opposition technically, politically, and economically”, added Manuel Monedero.

Talking about the current situation in Venezuela, Monedero expressed his concern that in the event of a civil war in Venezuela being successfully incited, the possibility of a foreign intervention becomes high.

The left-wing parliamentary coalition member also highlighted that in order to resolve the current crisis in Venezuela, it is necessary not to provoke a civil war, in which innocent people will perish, but to find peaceful and democratic mechanisms. The beginning can be a “recognition of legitimacy of the current government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

Venezuelan authorities also point out that Spain supports the opposition groups in the country, including granting Spanish citizenship to opposition activists from this Latin American country.

The Venezuelan Supreme Court’s decision to limit the powers of the opposition-controlled parliament triggered street protests in Venezuela in late April 2017. Maduro stated that the real goal of the opposition is to provide Western transnational companies with free access to  Venezuela’s natural resources. Opposition groups engage in the violent methods of street fighting and terrorist attacks. Dozens of people have been killed during street riots, and hundreds have been injured.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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