Israel strengthens support for Syrian militants in the Golan Heights

25.06.2017, USA.

During the recent time, Israel has significantly strengthened support for Syrian militants  in the Golan Heights, reported the UN Secretary General António Guterres, the German Spiegel newspaper reports.

According to the UN Secretary General’s Report, Syrian militants were meeting with the Israeli military in the Golan Heights at least 16 times between February and May 2017. To compare, between August and November 2016, there were only two meetings of this kind. During the latest meeting, people with a certain cargo crossed the border in both directions.

Israel supports the Golan Heights militants with money, food products, and gasoline for a number of years. Israel also accepts wounded militants from Syria, with which Israel officially is in a state of war, for medical assistance, that is why Israel does not hide the fact of Syrian militants’ support.

Not only the UN Secretary General’s Report speaks about cooperation between the Israeli military and Syrian militants, but also the American Wall Street Journal. According to the latter, the Israeli Army had allocated a special unit to contact the Syrian rebels, it has its personal budget and weapons. The Israelis support the Golan Knights rebel group even more. The government in Jerusalem provides them with $5000 a month. One of the group’s representatives said, “We wouldn’t survive without the Israeli’s support”.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency


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